Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Horsey Holiday - New Forest


When you think of the New Forest ponies tend to immediately spring to mind, so what better way to explore the area than on horse-back? Riding gives you the freedom to explore the wild woodlands and rolling heaths whilst plodding along gently allows the opportunity to get that bit closer to nature.

There are numerous riding stables dotted across the New Forest so if you do fancy an afternoon in the saddle you’ll be able to find a suitable steed whether you’re an absolute beginner or highly experienced rider.

Why not try one of these stables suggested by the British Horse Society:

The Burley Villa School of Riding, near Sway is in the south west of the National Park. The stables provide Western Trails which are particularly popular with beginners, giving a more comfortable and laid back cowboy-style of riding.  And for the more experienced horse person, you can book a traditional English style group or private hack.

To the north west of the forest is Arniss Equestrian, not far from Fordingbridge. Here, you can make a day of your leisurely hack by joining one of their picnic or pub rides. What better than spending a few hours in the saddle knowing that you’ll have a stop off for a hearty lunch or a pint midway!


If your horse is an important part of your family then it might not seem right to leave it at home whilst you have fun on your holiday. And if that holiday is in the New Forest then there is nowhere more perfect for you to bring your trusty steed for your very own equine adventure.
We have a number of properties which will cater for you and your horse too (by separate arrangement with the owners):

Criddlestyle Cottage A807 and Mews Hill Cottage A824 near to Fordingbridge have a 2.5 acre paddock available on a DIY basis, and adjoins a bridleway giving access directly into the National Park.

Two of our smaller properties will take horses too, so make sure you take a look at The Grooms A296 close to Brockenhurst, or Camellias A408 near Sway.

If you’ve always dreamed of galloping along the beach or exploring the winding tracks and trails through the forest we say: why leave your equine friend at home when they’ll enjoy a holiday just as much as you will?


Even if you don’t fancy getting up in the saddle, you’ll be hard pushed not to spot some ponies during your trip to the New Forest. For many people seeing the ponies and other livestock roaming freely is a real treat. So here are a few handy hints for you to bear in mind:

-       Please don’t feed the ponies as it can be bad for them and watch out as a forest byelaw means you could get fined for it too!
-       Don’t get too close, as no matter how docile the ponies appear they all have the potential to kick or bite you.
-       And remember that ponies and other New Forest livestock don’t have any road sense at all! Please give them a wide berth when driving and be aware that they may step out into the road in front of you.

Whether you’re watching the foals frolicking, you’re venturing into the saddle for the first time or if you’re treating your horse to a holiday too, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy spending time with your equine friends during your holiday in the New Forest.

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