Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fantastic Fungi!

Fungi, more commonly known as mushrooms or toadstools, thrive by absorbing nutrients from dead plants and animals; a very important part of the forest ecosystem. Out of around 70,000
Species of fungi worldwide, 2,700 are found within the New Forest National Park. So it’s no wonder that Fungi foraging is very popular here in the New Forest.

Beware! Some fungi within the New Forest National Park are not suitable for consumption. Some species are poisonous and a small number can be deadly. Therefore it is vital you learn about the different Species before venturing into the countryside to pick for your own consumption.

Visitors are permitted to pick up to 1.5kg on a personal limit basis. The New Forest National Park Authority and Forestry Commission advise you to follow some simple guidelines in order to assist in protecting the rare species that we have left in the New Forest. Some fungi in The New Forest are under threat mainly due to over collecting, because of this there are some woods in the national park where picking fungi is prohibited. Click here for more information. 

There are many events scheduled across the New Forest this autumn educating foragers which mushrooms are edible and non-edible.

Join TV forager John Wright on Tuesday 21st October between 10am-2pm and 2pm-4pm for a comprehensive walk through the New Forest Woodland to discover more about the mushrooms found within the New Forest National Park.

Stay in one of our cosy New Forest Cottages and learn something new this autumn…get out in the New Forest and enjoy the funky fungi the forest has to offer. 

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