Thursday, 5 March 2015

New Forest Trust - We Love the New Forest

What is the New Forest Trust?

Formed in 2003, The New Forest Trust is the New Forest’s Conservation Charity. Supporting, assisting and actively educating both visitors and locals on the importance of the landscape, wildlife and all that live in the forest.

What do they do?

The New Forest Trust actively secure the well-being of all who live in the forest including the conservation of livestock, woodland, open forest, flora and fauna. The Trust actively educates visitors and locals across the New Forest to ensure better understanding of how the forest works.

Whilst driving around the New Forest you may have noticed the reflective collars some livestock are now wearing. Unfortunately as many as 100 animals are killed each year in the New Forest, so by fitting one of these collars we are greatly reducing the risk of animals being hit during the night.

Bats are not an animal commonly thought about in the New Forest, however the New Forest Trust have been supporting the Hampshire Bat Group in the study of two rare species in the New Forest, the Bechstein’s and Barbastelle bats, providing bat boxes and funding radio transmitters.

How do we support the New Forest Trust?

New Forest Cottages have been donating to the New Forest Trust for over a year and have so far donated over £1000 in total. We take great pride in supporting the New Forest Trust here at New Forest Cottages. This small area of the British countryside needs much support in order to maintain the unique livestock, terrain and natural beauty, to ensure it remains at its best for all future generations to enjoy, just as much as we do.

How to get involved

Whether you’re a business, organisation or just an individual it’s easy to get involved with the New Forest Trust. You can make a simple donation; become a ‘friend’, volunteer or sponsor.

To find out how you can get involved and for further information please visit

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